Send a targeted campaign based on filtered people

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I'm using one of the existing templated campaign automation's "Send a targeted campaign based on filtered people"

The criteria is that if someone is moved to a specific pipeline stage, they have an email and are subscribed then they will be sent an email campaign.

However it does not seem to be working or seems to work sporadically?!

Has anyone had a similar issue?




  • Tony Xavier
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    Hi @jreeman,

    If you wish the automation to be triggered when your deal moves stages, it would be ideal if you use a Deal-based trigger with the condition "Deal Stage has changed to XYZ". An example automation setup:

    To provide a bit more context on why your current automation is sporadic, updates to the deal do not directly affect the linked person, and unless you make an update to the deal contact person that matches the filter, the automation will not be triggered.

    As the campaigns will only be sent to contacts with their marketing status set to subscribe, you can omit the marketing status condition.