Expand All / Collapse All for Field Groups in a Deal

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Our users are complaining how much scrolling they need to do on a Deal because we have added a lot of custom fields.

They have asked for a 'Collapse all' button at the top of the left pane on Deals, and/or for the Details section as that's where the custom fields and multiple fields groups are of course.

To give you an idea of the user inconvenience of not having a 'Collapse all' (field groups) button in Deals, when all groups are expanded in a Deal in our Pipedrive, the screen is 16 TIMES deeper than when they are all collapsed. That is a LOT of scrolling to expect our users to do.

A related feature here that our users have requested is, collapse all field groups (in Details section) by default when looking at a Deal.

Here are two screenshots so you can see the difference in screen depth when all items are collapses vs when all are expanded, in our Pipedrive Deals:

And I don't know whether this platform will embed an image that is 14551 pixels tall, but here goes:

Ironically, this Expand all / Collapse all feature does exist in Pipedrive currently, but in a view that only benefits Admins, not standard users — on the 'Data fields' screen:

At the risk of sounding like a broken record to the Pipedrive team, this is yet another example of where a slight enhancement (in terms of development time) would add a major benefit to users.

Please please please focus on refining existing Pipedrive features, not adding completely new ones.


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