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I want to speed up my lead generation process; we have almost 100 leads some show interest, some need more content, some otrhers are on the first meeting stage and few more are on the negociating stage. What do you suggest? someone to help?


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    Hello there!

    Well, there are a couple of Pipedrive features I would like to show you 😁

    Typically, our clients use the Leads Inbox to qualify leads first and then convert them to Deals once the qualification process is done. Also, with the separation between leads and deals you will be able to organize your focus and time.

    However, the meaning of a LEAD being qualified differs from business to business, right? So, the first step here would be: What does a qualified lead mean to our business?

    Once this is clear, we can start creating some Automations to speed up all of this process 🤩

    For example, did I have the discovery meeting with this lead and they gave us the green light? Then, I want to convert the lead into a deal and move on with the process. Our Automations always work the same want, you need a TRIGGER and then you can create an ACTION.

    Something you can also look into is using Email Sync, as you can send emails with the Automations module too.

    Let me know if that helped, I'm available if you have any questions!