“If functions” in automations.


I have a big problem. I want to be able to run an automation that allows me to have multiple options dependent on a specific label but currently need to set up 20 automations to do this

What is needed are “If functions” within automations allowing us to build 1 automation flow for all options.

As an example, is if the field option is:

  1. X then send an email
  2. Y then send a different email
  3. Z then set an activity
  4. Etc

currently to do this (if you have multiple options within a label or a field) you would need a new automation flow for every option. Quite easily 10 automations for each field/label option.

This problem doubles if I wanted to do this for “new contacts created” and “when a contact is updated. I now need those 10 automations twice, equalling 20 automations.

this seems overkill when a simple “ if function” would allow me to pick different options, depending on what was input.

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