Sort Variations alphabetically, or allow us to reord or search them in Add Products to a Deal view


Hi Product team,

My company does a lot of bespoke quoting, and we have a very long list of variations per product. When I created them in Pipedrive, I made sure to add them alphabetically. However, since they are sorted by creation date, if I need to add a new Variation that starts with "c," it will end up after "z."

They are not sortable or searchable in the "add to deal" screen. The only way to have them in a user-friendly way would be to erase everything and add them from scratch, but then we would lose historical reporting.

Please set an "A to Z" view as default in the "Add to deal" screen, or allow us some level of sorting and reordering. Our Variation list is becoming such a mess that it is making Senior Management reconsider its rollout to other offices. @Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco , if you could provide any insight into this, I would appreciate it tremendously.

Thank you!

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