How can I sort or reorder my Product Variations?

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I initially posted this as a suggestion, but maybe I'm missing something.

Is there really no way of sorting or organizing the Variation list of each Product?
I have over 30 variations per product, and since they are sorted by creation date, it's really hard to find them in the "Add product to deal" screen.

This is creating a lot of unnecessary noise around my global roll-out; please advise.
Setting the default sort to A-Z would solve this.

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  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey @FilippoPB 👋

    Excellent point here, in fact, there's no option to change the order or even reorganize it yourself as you see fit. This is indeed product feedback, for now, everything is working as expected. However, I see how this can be improved - as things are now, you have to scroll until you find the one you are looking for. Maybe if you know the order in which the variations were created you can find it quickly, but still, I can see why that's not ideal.

    If you have already added this in the "ideas and product feedback" section, I suggest you also share the link with your team - so that everyone can upvote it. This will bring visibility to the Product Developers.