Can i use Merge tags to send a customer to their site?

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I have started to send emails to my existing customers (Monthly Newsletters)

Our business provides their own platforms and i am looking to send them to their own platform. I have created a field 'site name', and used merge tag in the email template.

Is it possible for that merge tag to appear as it would a Link. If i was to put their site url in the field and have it appear on the email they recieve as a link to their own platform (rather than a full site URL can it be the platform name text as a link). I would be sending to a group of exisiting customers, each with their own platform, some the same.

Sorry for the bad description, i'm not sure if it is possible. As for now i have just sent the name of the product and hope they can go away and find it. But as it is B2B with multiple users some may not know where to find it. So if i can send one template to the group of existing customers, which links there individual platform URL's, with it being edited in the email as its sent out to not appear as a URL (Just like the Link feature) that would mean a lot less work.




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    Hey @Z.Richardson97 👋

    Great thinking with using the merge tags to send the link! I've been doing some testing here and checked internally but there's no option to add a link that will not use the entire URL.

    Basically, from what I gathered, you wanted the merge tags to show the link like this: Custom field - instead of this: right? The thing is, within fields, there's no option to connect a URL to a "link" option, so this is product feedback. The core issue here is that the fields don't have that option, if they did, then the merge fields would copy them exactly as they were added.

    Please pass this suggestion in the "ideas and product feedback" section, so that other users can upvote it :D