Feedback - Leads Inbox not working for you?

Mark Haller
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Hi there

I'm going to be "that guy" - the outspoken one - that raises a big question and concern that others may have as well, but haven't voiced. I might be on my own here!

We cannot use the "Leads" component of Pipedrive - it's just not set up to work for our business. And I think our business is really quite basic and straightforward when it comes to leads nurturing.

So I'm raising this to see if others have the same issues .. and if so, if the Pipedrive people want to chime in, or agree or listen! :-)

I own a 50+ person ecommerce agency. We have a super small sales and marketing team. We process inbound leads, and we drive outbound leads - via LinkedIn, email campaigns/nurturing, and then webinars, event attendance, sponsorship, and more.

We therefore have a lot of leads coming in - we want to know where they came from. And then we take those leads through a simple triage process and then nurture that lead - email campaigns, try to call them more, try to engage .. until they either tell us no, they are unresponsive, or they want to do more and it becomes an opp and there's a potential Deal.

In Leads inbox, I see a big long list of mashed up leads. I can filter by Source - but most of them are not relevant and I want to delete loads and add loads. First problem.

I cannot segment or categorise any other way. I can create Filters. But then do I need a load of custom fields and start doing things it's not designed to do?

I then cannot see a kanban view of my Leads. What stage are they at. How many are on to their second try phone call, etc, etc. This is all about nurturing.

So … I've had to ditch using Leads and then butcher the "Deals" to suit my needs. Create a new Deal pipeline called "Lead nurture" and then I can do all I want - include a custom field I've had to add for Deal Source.

Does anyone have to try and work around the Leads inbox? Or failed to do so? Or am I on my own here? :-)



  • Amit Sarda (
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    Using the deals feature to create a leads pipeline is the perfect solution.

  • Mark Haller
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    @Manuel Oliveira maybe you could make sure this is seen by the right peeps at Pipedrive? I realise I'm being kinda strong in my feedback but it's coming from a good place!

  • Beatriz Antunes
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    Hello Mark!

    My name is Beatriz and I'm a Success Manager here at Pipedrive, it's a pleasure to meet you!

    Thank you so much for all this great feedback 🤗 At Pipedrive we want to be as close to our customers as possible to understand how to improve our features more and more.

    When it comes to Lead management, you can either use the Leads Inbox or the Deals pipeline view. Actually, we have clients who prefer one or the other, there is no right or wrong answer. However, the Leads Inbox is the most used one for most of our clients because this way, you can separate the leads (qualifying) from the deals (negotiating).

    Have you experimented with using Emails and Automations on Leads? If you explore that feature, you’ll probably have a whole lead nurturing process working by itself, which means less time spent on that process 🥳 For segmenting the leads, you can use the custom fields and the labels, which will help with the conditions to use for the Automations. You can use the labels as the "stages" of the lead (eg. cold, warm, hot).

    Another advantage of using the Leads Inbox is that we have a report on Lead Conversion, which can provide many answers, such as "Which source is bringing me more Deals?"

    Let me know if you have any questions and hope this helped understand a bit more about the Leads functionality 😁