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Excited to streamline your sales process with AI? Check out our new AI tools to take the manual work out of sales, simplify communication and effortlessly close more deals:

AI-powered Sales Assistant
Effortlessly identify patterns of success, get pointers on what to do next, which deals are likely to close and when to follow up with customers (Professional plan and above)

AI smart-app recommendations
Get intelligent recommendations for apps on our Marketplace based on those you’re already using and those similar companies use (All plans)

AI email summarization
Summarize email threads at the click of a button, also with the general sentiment, customer’s readiness to close and a list of action items (Professional plan and above)

AI email creation
Generate emails based on recipient data, previous interactions and user-defined criteria – simply provide the type of content, tone and length (Professional plan and above)

AI-powered marketplace search
Our AI-powered search uses natural language to find relevant integrations in our marketplace to save you time, solve your business problems and generate revenue (All plans)

Learn all about each individual feature from our knowledge base article here and make smarter, faster deal closures a part of your daily routine.


  • Karine Labrecque
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    Great News this morning as we are looking to implement AI in our daily processes. I want to give a try at AI-Sales assistant, but have few questions about it.

    • Can we "converse" with it? Meaning give it some prompts in order to retrieve specific information?
    • Will users be able to "personalize" their AI-Assistant?
    • Are there some tutorials to show what can be done with AI-Sales Assistant?

    THank you!

  • Pablo_Emanuel
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    Could you provide a tutorial on how to activate and use it?

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Karine Labrecque and @Pablo_Emanuel, the AI Sales Assistant adapts on its own to your activity, you can also upvote or downvote the recommendations it provides to help steer it. Here's a short demo.

    You can learn more about each feature, and enable or disable them individually by going to "Tools and Apps > Pipedrive AI"

  • Frank Filippelli
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    This is all BS!! How about improving basic features that people desperately need, like a better webforms app!