Email of same contact but different Subject

Gustavo Costa
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I am having a problem with Email of same contact but different Subjects or Topics is joining in the same LOOP of email.

How to disconnect it or to avoid the Pipedrive joing automatic?


  • Tony Xavier
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    Hi @Gustavo Costa,

    Pipedrive identifies email threads using the following internet message headers:

    Message-Id – the message being sent

    In-Reply-To – the message being replied to

    References – the thread where the message originated.

    When synced emails match these rules, they’ll be threaded together on our side. Once emails have been threaded together, they can only be linked to one deal and contact person. Unfortunately, once emails are threaded together, they can no longer be unthreaded.

    To prevent emails from being threaded together moving forward we recommend not using the "Forward" or "Reply To" buttons when composing a new email, it's preferable to copy the content and open a new thread from scratch so that there are no previous links to the original email, or using the email sync feature to send out emails directly from Pipedrive, since emails sent from Pipedrive will not trigger the threading conditions.

    I can also share this article that goes in-depth into Email Threading in Pipedrive. I hope this helps.