Convert a lead to deal based on Email interaction

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I am sending out first email to the leads to filter them out. I would like to convert the leads to deals depending on their interaction with the Email. For e.g. if they open or click anything in email it should be automatically converted. But to do so I didn't find any matching action in Automations.

Please find the attached screenshot for defined actions in Pipedrive. Could you please explain which one to use:

P.S. I tried with 'Email link has been clicked' but unfotunately it's not working!

Thank you in advance!


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    Hi @PBE,

    I looked into this on my end and found that the best way to get this automation set up to work, is to add a delay step and then an instant condition instead of a wait for condition!

    This is because the "Email link has been clicked" in the wait-for-condition step does not always generate an update event in Pipedrive (So there is no update that causes the automation to continue).

    I have submitted feedback regarding this so it is clearer for the future but for the moment, you can set up your automation like this-

    I hope this helps!

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    Hi @Sophie

    Thank you for your reply.
    After adding delay it's working fine but unfortunately only for link clicked action & not for Email Opened.

    Is there any specific action for that?