Instant condition doesn't work at all

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Hi, I am struggling to optimize the automation on Pipedrive which I really hate :(

I hope there is anybody who can help me!!! I don't know what I did wrong.

Below is my full automation flow that I am working on

As you see the number 10, instant condition which is supposed to check whether I get any reply form the email number 3 and 7.

I didn't get any reply from the email number 3, but I got a reply from the number 7. In this case, the number 10, instant condition should be 'FALSE'. This is because, if one condition is false and the other one is true, then the conclusion of the instant condition would be 'FALSE' according to below logic. FYI, the below logic I got from Pipedrive customer support.

Thus, the automation should be stopped. However, my lead received an email again from the automation, and obviously she complained a lot to me.



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    Hello @akazinki,

    After reviewing your automation, it seems like this is perfectly set up, and the condition at step 10 would only pass if either of the emails has not received a reply and if any one of the emails (from 3 or 7) receives a reply, it will stop.

    If this has only happened for one specific case, kindly contact our support team and share the information like when the automation was triggered, the example email sent and the time of the reply you got so our team can look into this further.