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Hi, I'm looking for a way to analyze each automation. For instance, we have different automations set for different types of leads for communication and nurturing. How can we view the read/open/clicks for each automation on a weekly basis?


  • Tony Xavier
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    Hi @chrisduncanteamgds,

    Currently Pipedrive does not offer the possibility to set reports based on automations, but if the email (or set of emails) sent through automation as part of lead communication and nurturing has unique content or even a word in their subject line, we could make use of that in an Email Performance report to get an overview of the performance of these emails.

    For example, if you have an email automation sequence for Payment Reminders, if you can add the keyword Payment Reminder to the subject of all emails, you can track the performance of the emails by using the condition, email subject contains Payment Reminder in the above-mentioned email performance report. I hope this could be a possible workaround.