Ideas on how to make sure that all criteria's are met for advancing a deal to next stage?

Marcus Rydholm
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Hi, I'm new to Pipedrive. When taking the default look at the "add deal" page, it have nice basic fields (or is it attributes?) to describe the deal. But I haven't found a way or understood how to make sure that the sales person has acquired all necessary info to advance the deal to the next stage in the pipeline. Info like "do we know the decision criteria" " do we know the decision process", "do we know the economic buyer", "do we know what kind of metrics that will be used", "do we have the clients approval of the solution presented (before we send a proposal)" etc. It would be nice to have some checkboxes for the sales person to have as a guide so he/she knows when it is OK to move the deal in the pipeline. How do you/other companies use Pipedrive to help sales people when it is appropriate to advance the deal thru the pipeline? Thanks in advance for your tips and tricks. /Marcus


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    Hi Marcus,

    It is possible to configure Required fields in Pipedrive under the Professional Plan. Required deal fields can be configured so that in order to progress to the next Pipeline stage you must complete each required data field. These data fields can simply be a "Yes/No" to confirm all actions have been taken to meet the next criteria