How long does Pipedrive store uploaded files

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Hello, does Pipedrive delete files that have been uploaded to a deal after a certain timeframe? I have a few deals that have come back to life, but when I went to open the files, they were no longer there. If they delete the files, are files uploaded to any deal eventually deleted, regardless of whether they are won or lost?



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    Hello, I would also like to know about this.

  • Sophie
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    Hi there,

    Pipedrive won't automatically delete files uploaded to deals after a certain timeframe, they should remain in your account attached to your deal even after the deal has been won/lost, however, if the deal is deleted, the contents of that deal will be deleted as well.

    How were these files attached to your deal? Were they linked via Google Drive or were they uploaded directly from your computer? If the file was deleted from your Google Drive, it may have removed this file from Pipedrive as well. I would recommend reaching out to our support team so we can investigate this further with you!

  • Brandon Wood
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    @Sophie I don't think they were linked from Google Drive. I used to use Google Drive inside of Pipedrive, but I think I stopped before this particular deal in question. When I used Google Drive, I didn't care that all files uploaded to Pipedrive went to Google Drive. It would have been nice to have the option to upload Pipedrive documents to Pipedrive but still have the ability to create Google Docs and Sheets inside of each deal. I didn't see an option to do one without the other.