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D. Schanke
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Hello World,

I recently started using the Syncbot feature for Mailchimp and ran into a snag that I'm hoping may be helpful for others looking to use this feature. From the Pipedrive side, it was quite easy to set up and get activated. For that I am very grateful! To get straight to the point, here was the snag:


If you are a frequent user of Mailchimp, and you're not working with an unlimited budget, you understand the utility of archiving to not reach your contact limit and be charged extra. After multiple days of support chats, I finally realized that my contacts weren't syncing from the Syncbot because I had archived them in Mailchimp at some point in the past. Apparently some automations will add a contact to your Mailchimp audience even if they've been archived. This one does not. So now you know.

I ended up having to go the old route of manually pulling the list from PD and uploading to MC. But at least in the future new contacts to that filter will be synced over for new MC campaigns. Hope this was helpful for anyone! I only posted here because I don't think this point is made in any of the articles provided by Pipedrive about this integration. If it is, well….I missed it. So there's that. Let me know if you have other tips for this integration that aren't mentioned elsewhere!