Limit of deals per contact OR clearing duplicates of deals?

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Hello Pipedrivers! Is it possible to set a pimit of deals per contact OR to clear duplicates of deals? For the moment I have my Pipedrive integrated with my website is such way that after a lead action is completed a deal is created. However, when the same person completes 2 different lead actions, 2 deals are created. I don't need that duplicate records.

I would appreciate your help.

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    Hi @KamilWTS,

    Pipedrive doesn't have a built-in feature to set limits on deals per contact, additionally, we also do not have a duplicate rule for deals, meaning it is possible to create duplicate deals. However, I would be happy to pass along feedback regarding this internally!

    Currently, it is possible to manually merge deals from within the deal detail view here-

    However, you may be able to achieve what you are looking for using a third-party integration. For example, you could create an automation in Zapier that checks for existing deals linked to a contact before creating a new one. If a deal already exists, the automation can update the existing deal instead of creating a duplicate! It could look something like this-

    Another option is to utilize custom fields in Pipedrive to track the number of deals associated with each contact. You could then, use Zapier or another third party tool to monitor these fields and take action (such as notifying you or stopping the creation of new deals) when the limit is reached. We recommend reaching out to Zapier directly if you need assistance setting up a Zap!

    I hope this helps!