Automated emails from deal owners, not deal creators.


As a Pipedrive Admin, I would like to set up automated emails for deal owners, based on when a deal is moved to a new stage by a sales rep. I understand how to set up the workflow. My question is, since I set it up (deal creator), the emails are coming from email address. How can I make sure the emails are being sent from the deal owners email address?
We have a big sales team, and manually recreating the automation for every sales person is not manageable.
Thanks for your advice.


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @BBoelens 👋

    Indeed the automation will always trigger based on who owns the automation - this is because it would use every sales rep email and they might not have been aware of the automation. To go around this, the option to share automations will resolve this.

    Here's more information about how that works: this will avoid having everyone create the automation on their side and they can activate it to use it.

    I hope this helps!