Mandatory Field blocking the whole automation process

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create an automation, that sends a email (based on a simple template) when a deal is created in the system.

To do that I have created an automation that is triggered by a deal creation and the action is "send email based on a template".

In the required field for this automation, I have selected "From", "Adapt template to a deal" and "Adapt template to a person".

When I enter in the next configuration screen, everything looks perfect, but for some reason, when I select the Model I have created (just a simple model), the system automatically adds a mandatory field "Adapt template to a prospect". And That's a field I can't fill in.
So I can't create my automation…

Anyone has an idea why the system adds this field when I select my email template?

Thanks for your help on this,



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    Hi @pmdf 👋

    If I'm not mistaken the "prospect" translates to English as "lead". The reason why those fields are coming up as mandatory is due to the fact that within the email template you created, there are fields added for "lead" "deal" and "person" - I mean the merge fields here:

    Can you review the template to check if you have any lead fields added? The automation wants you to select what "lead" "deal" and "person" to pick. When you try to open the options, do you not have something there to select? If not, then I'd say that it would be best for the Support team to review this! For now, I'd say:

    1- Check if your template does have a lead field or not - if so, that's why the automation is adding the option 👍️
    2-Check if there is an option in the dropdown menu, if it's empty, then something might not be right - as a final step, if this is the case, I'd say for you to remove the "send email using template" option, save the workflow, then add it again and see if the issue persists - if so, please reach out to the support team.

    I hope this helps!