Realising value of won deal in the future

Chris Howland
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We are an events agency using Pipedrive to manage our pipeline of client events. Our events (deals) will often be won a few months before we realise the revenue from the events (once the event is delivered). However when I move a deal to 'won' it automatically realises the value of that deal on the day I move it. This means I don't have an accurate view of our won vs pitch pipeline when looking forward. Is there any way to set a deal to won, and have the value realised in a future month?


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    Hi @Chris Howland,

    I was looking into this and thought of a workaround that may help with your case! Instead of marking your deals as won officially, what you could do is create an additional stage in your Pipeline for "won deals" (But dont actually mark them as won). You can then move your deals to this new stage when they are "won" (but still open), so that you know it is done but you know you will need to update the deal value later. Then once you have the exact deal value, you can actually mark it as won with the correct value!

    Another option, separate from this, would be to update the deal value after the deal has been won and you know the actual value. You could add a label or a unique field to tag deals that you know don't have the final value yet and you could use a filter to exclude those deals from a report!

    I hope this helps!