How to manage custom fields between Lead/deal & Person

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I'm encountering a challenge where certain fields, such as address, are identical in both leads and customers. My current process involves asking for the address during the initial contact to ensure I can deliver our service effectively. However, once a sale is made, I also need the customer's address. The issue arises because the address field was originally created within the "lead" context.

I'm grappling with how to manage these situations efficiently without resorting to creating duplicate fields for address in both leads and customers. This challenge extends beyond just the address field; several other fields share this dilemma.

I'd greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions you might have on how to navigate this issue effectively.

Thank you for your assistance.



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    Hi @Joana Barbosa,

    Where do you store the address information on the lead? Is it in a lead custom field? Additionally, is the customer's address different than the lead address or is it the same?

    By default in Pipedrive, there is an address field that is linked to an organization. You should also be able to pull up this address field from the lead list view. If you would like the address to appear on the lead directly (Instead of linked through and organization), it will require a lead custom field to hold the address.

    If you want an address to appear linked to both the lead and the contact person, you will have to create two separate fields. An address field for a lead and the address field for a contact. This is because a contact person can be linked to multiple leads/deals so the address on the lead won't automatically appear on the contact as the contact could have many different leads/deals with different addresses.

    I hope this helps to confirm!