Webform Fields - Names, Phone Number, and Note Pinning


We're using the webform feature and are running into some limitations.

Name field - I am having issues with people not filling out their full name in the name field. Can we split the name field into first name and last name? I've seen posts about making custom field for last name but I'd like the two to be tied together in the customer's file as their full name.

Phone field - Users aren't filling in a complete phone number. Is there a way to fix this so it's basically not a text input field and is a formal phone input where they have to enter area code and then the rest of their full phone number?

Pinning note - When you fill out the form, it's terrific to see a note with all the form details on it in the leads file and it follow through with the person into a deal file. In the form settings, can we have a checkbox option to enable the note to be pinned in the lead/deal files?

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