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Hello, is it possible to create an admin account and a user for commerce by only paying a subscription? Because I would like to have control and visibility over the account but a salesperson who is not the admin role?



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    Hi @Fabien,

    It is possible to create an account with an admin user and a regular user who has no admin access. Pipedrive allows you to have different roles with varying levels of access and permissions. However, it is not possible to have an account with only one user, who doesn't have account settings/admin access. At least one user in the account must be an admin and have access to account settings (Billing, manage users, etc). If needed, you can have one users permissions set as an account settings only user which does not require a paid seat, however, this user will not be able to access any data in the account. You can see the types of users here-
    What types of users can I have in Pipedrive?

    I hope this helps!