Automatically Moving Leads to specific Pipeline stages by Tag

John Teters
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I'm brand new to CRM's/Pipedrive, so I apologize if this is an obvious question.

My goal is to set up an automated cold-emailing process, for which I've built several email scripts/automations that are triggered by Pipeline stage (example- there's a "Former Customer" cold-email script, which is automatically triggered when a lead is moved to my "Former Customer" pipeline stage). I would like to automatically move five leads each week into specific pipeline stages, based on their label, in order to trigger the automated cold-emailing.

The issue I'm having with this, is that I'm struggling to find a way to automatically move a set number of leads into their respective pipeline stage each week. Ideally, I would like five leads each week to automatically convert to deals, and be assigned to whichever pipeline stage matches their assigned "tag".

I appriciate any suggestions in advance, and am open to restructuring the process if there's a more efficient way to go about this.