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Manuel Oliveira
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Hi there, Pipedrivers! Soon, you'll have more valuable insights into the origin of your deals and leads directly inside Pipedrive.

What: The new Source field structure shows you where your Deals and Leads originated. You can use this information to better understand the ROI of your sales and marketing channels, such as which ones generate the best leads or the most won deals.

When: Rolling out to all regions and companies throughout May 2024

Feel free to share any feedback in the comments below.


  • Emma Melling
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    Hi - for existing deals, what will be populated in these fields? If we create delas manually, will we be able to edit these fields?

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Emma Melling ,source_origin and source_origin_id are system-generated fields. These can’t be edited and serve as data management and maintenance system information. So if you created a deal manually, it would show “manually created”; if it was a result of an import, it would show “import,” and so on.

    source_channel and source_channel_id on the other hand, users can edit individually or in bulk.

  • MBrown
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    I'm sorry but that does not give us any "insight" yes it can tell us if it was a web form lead or if it was imported, but we already get that information in the lead anyway. True Marketing lead sources are things like a particular trade show, or a referral from another customer, or even a lead from a certain technician or staff member. We can add these into a custom field, so I don't know what the point of this is?

  • Aleix s
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    I agree with @MBrown . The intentions are good since tracking the source of the deals is lacking on Pipedrive, but this info you provide is not useful, at least for us.

    I had to create a Deal custom field 'Origin'. For instance, when I send the leads from meta campaigns (meta forms leads), I send them via Make. Then I assign the Origin=Campaigns.

    For landings or website, I use UTM's. But Pipedrive also offers nothing there, so I had to create custom fields and send the UTMs via my website forms.

    To be honest, tracking the deal source and the UTMs is basic, Pipedrive should offer these features in my opinion. Outfunnel is a good solution but I think all that should come with the CRM.

  • Jakub
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    Guys, this is again quite an unhelpful function… It's a good idea but in fact, we already have those fields in the Custom Fields area. Maybe this can be useful but why we cannot set who has permission to edit the field as in common custom fields? Or why we don't have an option to add more fields to this section? This is totally for nothing and it will just disturb our users. Would be nice if the admin could at least hide it for regular users.

  • Veronika Danielova
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    Hello Pipedrive users, Veronika here, PM supporting this area :-)

    First of all thank you very much for bringing your feedback to our attention @Jakub @Aleix s @MBrown @Emma Melling, this is very much appreciated and helps us PMs to improve our product

    or the documentation ( )for our customers.

    Let me describe what might be pros for you to consider using the new Source fields structure in the future:

    The new "Source" system fields are currently BETA version so the functionality is limited and at the moment seems more beneficial for new users who do not have to think about creating "Source structure" using Custom fields and spend Custom fields slots however what might be interesting for you is what is planned next:

    • The source_channel and source_channel_id are about to be automatically populated for you if you use:
      • One of our Add-ons (eg. LeadBooster, Web Visitors, Campaigns…)
      • One of our Marketplace apps
    • New Pipedrive Workflow Automations based on Source to be released

    This might save our customers either the manual work or paid data exchange via external tools used nowadays.

    What is available already in this BETA version:

    • A customisable list of source_channels (Multiple options) based on your processes
    • Pipedrive Insights to track the performance of your Sources
    • Updated Public API to connect your external tools and populate your sources automatically

    Thank you and please feel free to comment further so we can support your flows in the best way possible.