Request for Daily Billing Option in CRM for Rental Businesses ๐Ÿ“…

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Hello Pipedriver's โœŒ๏ธ

We are very pleased with the many new features Pipedrive has introduced. However, we have a specific request that we believe would be a game-changer for us and many other companies in the rental industry.

Currently, we bill our clients on a daily or monthly rate basis. Unfortunately, the existing CRM options do not allow us to enter a daily rate and the number of days directly. Instead, our salespeople have to enter the number of rental days as the number of products, which is not efficient and prone to errors.

๐Ÿ“… We noticed that Pipedrive recently introduced billing frequency options for weekly, monthly, quarterly,

and yearly intervals. Adding a simple daily billing option would significantly enhance our workflow and accuracy. This functionality would not only benefit us but also numerous other organizations that rely on daily rental billing.

We kindly request the Pipedrive team to consider implementing this feature. It would be a tremendous improvement for rental businesses like ours.

Thank you for your attention and support.