Multiple Owners on Deals

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I am new to Pipedrive so if this has already been done - Please forgive my question and also provide feedback on the steps to set this up on my Pipedrive. TY.

*Would like the ability to have more than one person own a deal as we often work with more than one person on a deal. Also be able to sort those specific deals on all the owners of the deal. I work on deals with new associates all the time and it is a hassle to always require bringing in the administrator to provide a 2nd & sometimes 3rd person with rights to the deal. Also - sending emails, making calls (all activities) are not viewable except by the owner and administrator which creates inefficiency, difficulties and communication issues.



  • Dustin Frampton
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    Hello, I think you can just have one Owner, but I do know you can add other users as Followers to a Deal so they can view the items that they're following.

  • eFUEL
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    Hi Dustin, Thank you for your response. We are doing that now but perhaps there is something else needed to be done for access because if I make a note, once I save it - I can no longer view it for a deal/contact that I am not the owner of.

  • MBrown
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    I have created a field called "Co-Owner" then I open the contact/org/deal up to everyone, then the users can create custom lists with filters showing their items and the ones they are co-owners for. Not ideal because it still makes the contacts disappear from my contacts on other devices if I don't own them, but it's all we have at the moment.

    Really not sure the point of the "Followers" because if you don't open that item up to everyone, you still cannot see it anyway.

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    @eFUEL you will have to experiment with teams and visibility permissions to make this work for you.