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I would like to discuss if anyone else see an issue here, and it would be valuable if Pipedrive makes updates here:

If, in your email settings, you have selected that all your incoming and outgoing emails are private, no one will see them even if you send them directly from the Lead, Deal, or Contact Person view. That is very strange that Pipedrive offers possibility to change Privacy settings for outgoing emails ONLY in Drafts. If you send email from PD mailbox by clicking "New email" you will not see this option, except your email will be saved to drafts.

Who send emails through Drafts? :)

My offer to Pipedrive is to have possibility to change email privacy for all outgoing emails, not only for draft emails.

There is a workaround to change privacy setting for already sent email, BUT it takes more time, is you have to do more clicks.

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  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey @Justina Uleviciene 👋

    Super valid feedback here in the sense that if you do have everything set to private and you need to change that for emails that you send right inside a deal/person/org, there's no option to change the visibility from there. As you pointed out, the workaround is to send it and then open it in the "view full conversation" option and change it there. Please make sure to pass this suggestion to the "ideas and product feedback" section of the community - I can see that it would be a great addition.

    I'd just like to mention something else! When you are creating a new email in the Pipedrive inbox, the option does appear (it's not just in the drafts option) - it just needs to load. So if you start typing your email or add the To: email information, the option should appear as normal. If this for some reason is not happening to you, I'd say that this needs to be checked by the Support team, please reach out to them if that's the case 🙇‍♀️