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Hello Everyone, I really like Pipedrive, but I have my contacts and calendar account on another server that doesn't belong to Microsoft or Google.
I would like to be able to sync my contacts and calendar using WebDav and CalDav. Can you give me suggestions on how to resolve this?


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    Hello @enrique_setup,

    We are so happy to hear that you enjoy using Pipedrive. Regarding your question, we can only sync Google and Microsoft accounts natively for Calendar Sync, and for third-party tools, we currently do not have many options to set up a connection with Pipedrive.

    If your preferred tools, such as WebDav and CalDav, provide open APIs, you have the option to utilize services like Zapier or Make to establish connections with Pipedrive. This can enable the creation of new activities or contacts in Pipedrive when they are generated in the source. Your input on this matter would be greatly appreciated, and I would also encourage you to share this suggestion in the Ideas and Product Feedback channel for the consideration of our product team.