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Hello Pipedrive Team,

As a daily user of Pipedrive, I’ve noticed a few areas that could benefit from improvement and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

First, regarding the tags in the lead box: when adding a tag by typing, for example, "cold...," the system suggests the tags we've created, such as "cold prospect," "cold X," "Cold Y," "Cold Z." However, to add another tag, it's necessary to manually delete the letters "cold" to write something else. An automatic deletion of the typed text after selecting a tag would speed up this process significantly.

Additionally, it would be beneficial if tags could be retained when leads are converted into customers. Personally, I use tags like "store," "small grocery," and "big client." Unfortunately, these tags are lost during the transition in the pipeline. A simple option to check or uncheck this feature would be a welcome addition.

Lastly, there’s a noticeable lag when entering a new tag for a lead and trying to use it again for another lead. The tag doesn't appear immediately; we need to save the created record, go back into the record, and re-add the tag.

These are just a few suggestions for now. I look forward to continuing to provide feedback and ideas.

I hope these suggestions are helpful, and who knows, maybe I could join your team someday?

Best regards,
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