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Is there a way to display the deal owner when viewing deals on the Dashboard. Currently, all I can see is the deal name, client organization and client POC. I'd like to see the deal owner in the summary as well. Thanks in advance.


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey @Jeoroc24 👋

    Within the dashboard, you have the option to filter by user, which means you can check the dashboard based on the item owner. More info here:

    However, I think that what you are looking for is to be able to see the names of the owners within the dashboard right? If so, then a way to make it happen is in the report itself. There are several options to use the "segment by" and "view by" and within that (depending on the report), there might be an "owner" option, like this for example:

    If you save that, it will then display it like that in your dashboard. You also mentioned the deal summary, I'm assuming you mean the summary that appears when checking a report. If so, then the summary itself doesn't have the option to add or remove columns, but the "deal" section does, so you can add a column for "owner" (in my example, I'm using a Deal Progress report):

    Different reports have different options and it might be that, with some examples, our Support team can also help you see if there's a way to view those options, so if this isn't exactly what you need, feel free to reach out to them!