How to automate actions for people who click on a campaign

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Hi everybody,

I found a way to make it possible with Pipedrive and Make.

Step 1 : Create a Pipedrive Filter with thoose parameters

*Why "yesterday" ? Because in Make, you have no other way to catch people in the scenario.

Step 2 : (Create a Make account first) Create a new scenario in

  1. Create the trigger (wich is "Pipedrive / List Persons")
  2. Connect your Pipedrive account
  3. In the filter field, found the filter you have created on Step 1.
  4. Do not forget to schedule the trigger scan ! (for exemple, everyday at 1:00am).
    Remember, people wich cliked on campaign will automaticly be stored in the filter. The filter is set the get people wich clicked on campaign yesterday.

From now, you can do everything you want. Create an activity on every persons catched on the trigger for exemple etc…

p.s : i'm a Make Certificated. The free plan is enough, it will depend on the volume of data to be processed. If necessary, I can help you.

Have a good day.