New: Combine data across entities in Insights reports 📊

Manuel Oliveira
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Hello community! The ability to create reports combining data from different entities is rolling out to all companies. Here’s what you can do:

  • Add contact person, organization and deal fields into a leads report
  • Add contact person and organization fields into a deals report
  • Add deal, lead, contact person and organization fields into an activity report
  • Add organization fields to a person report

Find more details on how to use them from our knowledge base article here.


  • Justina Uleviciene
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    Perfect updates, just noticed, that in "Segment by" field we can not choose same values from Organizations or People fields.

    For example I would like to see all open Deals in USA and segment them by States, so in 1 chart I could see and compare all states performances. Not it seems I can check only by selecting 1 by 1 state.

  • Sophie
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    Hi @Justina Uleviciene,

    Since this is a Deal Performance Report, you won't be able to segment the report by fields that belong to a different item type. I see that your field named "IFS Address: State/Province" is an organization custom field so the option won't show up on the deal report, unfortunately.

    You could segment by this custom field if you created an organization performance report, but it is not yet possible to add deal filters to this report. Another option is to move the data held in this organization's custom field to a new deal custom field!

    This is great feedback, however, to improve the insights feature moving forward! Thank you!