Do you know how to generate custom ID number for each offers?

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I'd like to generate an ID number for each offer and inclement it. It should be like

ID which u inclement / date

I already made it in "Zapier" but there are some problems when u generate two offers in the same time. I'm using Google Sheets as my database and I'm saving all ID's there.


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    Hi @2223

    Are you using Smart Docs for the offers? Or do you mean Offers as Deals in Pipedrive?
    There is already a Unique ID for Deals, Contacts and Organisations. If you need it for Smart Docs offers, then i think your current workflow is already the best. Just might need to add some filters or a secondary workflow that will backup data. If Zapier doesnt work the best for you, you can always try to use Make (formerly Integromat).


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