Why emails from automation are sent 5-10 minutes later ??

Theo Roland
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Hi everyone !

I manage campagin emails and transactional emails in Pipedrive via automation.
Ex: When a user submit a form on my website to receive content, it triggers an Pipedrive automation. This automation create the lead and then send him an automated email. The email is marked as sent instantly.

And then nothing.
Nothing changed on the Automated Email History.
Nothing is the lead inbox.

A 5 to 10 minutes later, sometimes 15 minutes, the email is received on the inbox.
Why does it take so long ?? How can I reduce it to 1 minute max ?

Is it just me ?

Thanks a lot


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Theo Roland!

    The delay you're experiencing when sending automated emails can be attributed to several factors, including the email provider's processing time, the recipient's email server, and the automation queue in Pipedrive. Unfortunately, Pipedrive itself does not provide direct control over the exact timing of email delivery once the automation triggers an email.

    Here are some steps and considerations to potentially reduce this delay:

    • Ensure that your email service provider (ESP) is not causing the delay.
    • Review and optimize your automation settings in Pipedrive, ensuring your automation flow is as simple and direct as possible to avoid unnecessary processing delays.
    • Consider using webhooks instead of or alongside Pipedrive's native automations, such as setting up a webhook that triggers an email service (like SendGrid or Mailgun) directly upon form submission.
    • Ensure your emails are optimised for quick delivery by minimising the size of images and attachments-
    • Ensure that the form integration on your website is efficient and promptly sends data to Pipedrive, as if there is any delay in form submission or processing, it can add to the total time taken to send the email.

    By reviewing your current setup and making these adjustments, you can aim to minimize the email delivery time to under one minute.

    I hope this helps :)