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Dear Pipedrive community

We have received your feedback regarding Pipedrive being difficult to use, especially for those transitioning from Excel to a CRM for the first time. The terminology and navigation can be confusing and overwhelming - we get it. 

To address this, we are exploring ways to simplify the experience for first-time users, particularly those who choose our Essential plan. One idea we have is to introduce a new plan and change the user experience in a way that includes only the most important features. This plan would focus on basic functionalities such as:

  • Deals: For daily deal management
  • Contacts: To manage contacts 
  • Emails: To send out emails
  • Activities: For tracking tasks and appointments
  • Easy Data Import: To quickly insert your important leads or deals

We have included some screenshots below for your reference.

Deals view

Contacts view

Activities view

To ensure we get this  right, we kindly request your feedback on the following:

  1. What basic feature set would help you perform the most essential daily activities as a salesperson? We understand that manager-level users might need more dashboards and insights, but we are focusing on the essentials for first-time users.
  2. Who would be interested in trying out "Pipedrive Lite," which consists of deals, contacts, data import, and activities? Please show your interest by giving this post a thumbs up.

We will register your interest here, and with your support, we can work towards creating a simpler Pipedrive with easier navigation for first-time CRM users transitioning from Excel.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!


  • RileyG
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    Love this idea! I would keep the full version for myself, but this interests me in giving access to others in my organization who would be overwhelmed by the full version, and only need simple contact management.

  • MBrown
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    I would prefer to see a cut down version for admin staff to be able to access deal information, without having to pay for a full licence.

  • ohlr
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    I don't see the point.

    Instead I would prefer better integration - i.e. leads having the same capabilities as deals (its just the entry point for prospects before being validated deals).

    Better integration between contacts and deals - i.e. from contact view, I can link a conversation to a deal (instead of having to go to the mailbox / find the conversation / then link it to a deal).

    A better way of searching (especially finding emails is from the email page is hard compared to search filters known from email programs like gmail (filter for to: / from: etc.)

    Deals to insights integration - I would like to track performance on subscription products

    Gmail integration - the gmail plugin is a joke as it is right now (this would greatly benefit ease of use as it allows people to stay in their familiar environment).

    The only time I would have like a stripped down pipedrive is for our marketing team which manages campaigns but does not work with the CRM. A marketing team member has to have a full subscription which is far more expensive than any newsletter tool out there

  • Blueprint.Inc
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    We need a "lite" version for customer service (that costs less as well) for those who need access to Organizations and People (not Deals). If this could help in that endeavor, it would be appreciated.