How to Display Delayed KPI Results in Pipedrive for Weekly Updates?

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I need assistance with displaying two KPIs in Pipedrive that involve a delay between the initial action and the resulting metrics. Specifically, I need to track:

  1. The percentage of setter calls conducted in relation to the number of emails sent.
  2. The percentage of customers requesting our pitch in relation to the number of emails sent.

The challenge is that emails sent in a given week may not result in setter calls or video requests until one or two weeks later. For example, if I send out 50 emails this week, the setter calls might only occur two weeks from now.

I am looking for a method to structure my data within Pipedrive to accurately reflect these delayed KPIs on a weekly basis. This includes how to log and link the emails, setter calls, and pitch requests, and how to visualize these metrics in Pipedrive to provide clear and up-to-date KPI tracking.


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    Hey, @ATWU!

    To track and visualize your KPIs in Pipedrive while accounting for the delay between emails and resulting actions, you can start by logging and linking activities. Like this:

    • Create custom activity types for "Email Sent," "Setter Call," and "Pitch Request". Then, log each email, call, and request under the respective contact or deal in Pipedrive. Link all activities to the correct contact or deal to trace the relationship between emails sent and subsequent actions.

    Next, structure your data by creating custom fields to capture dates for "Email Sent," "Setter Call," and "Pitch Request", which will allow you to filter and report based on date ranges. Also, you can include activity details in notes for easy reference.

    For visualisation and reporting, you can create filters to show activities within specific date ranges, such as emails sent in a particular week and corresponding actions two weeks later. You can also set up a dashboard to show you "Email Sent Count," "Setter Calls Count," "Pitch Requests Count," and percentage metrics for calls and pitch requests relative to emails sent.

    To make that work, you should also ensure regular updates by having your team log activities promptly and accurately, and regularly review and adjust your reports and dashboards for accuracy.

    I hope this helps!