How to give someone permission to edit deals from a specified set of users

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I have about 20 vendors/users in my pipedrive, who don't have permission to modify deals from other users. I want to grant permission to "vendor 3" to modify deals but only those from "vendor 7" and "vendor 12". Is there a way to allow that?

Besides, vendors 3, 7 and 12 are in the same Pipedrive Team, i don't know if it may help?

Many thanks for your support!



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    Hey, @GabGalli!

    Pipedrive's permission sets and roles are typically more generalised, and advanced permissions like the one you described might not be directly supported out of the box. However, there are a few ways to achieve similar results through workarounds.

    One approach is to create custom roles and permissions. You can create a new custom role for "user 3" and assign this role the permission to modify deals. Ensure that "user 3", "user 7", and "user 12" are in the same team, and adjust the team permissions to allow "user 3" to edit deals within this team. Note that this would allow "user 3" to modify deals for all team members, not just "user 7" and "user 12".

    Another option is to use Workflow Automations to create a workflow that temporarily changes the owner of the deal to "user 3" when a specific action is taken. After "user 3" has modified the deal, the ownership can be reverted back to the original owner ("user 7" or "user 12").

    Alternatively, you could use API to create a custom solution, which would involve developing a script or an integration that monitors deal changes. If "user 3" needs to modify a deal from "user 7" or "user 12", for example, the script could temporarily grant the necessary permissions. This, however, requires programming knowledge.

    I hope this helps with giving you some ideas on how to make this work :)

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    Hi Leonardo,

    Many thanks for your answer, I tried to set up the first option, I've created a custom role for user 3, but I can't find how to "adjust the team permissions to allow "user 3" to edit deals within this team".
    Where can I modify team permissions? I only manage to add or remove members within a team…