Automated Sales Territory Management on Pipedrive from WeMapSales!

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Territory Management: Learn more 

Get free 90-day trial via Pipedrive Marketplace.  Access Link:

Sales territory management is critical for driving sales efficiently and it can also boost your sales team's morale by creating balanced territories with fair revenue generating opportunities.  

With a 90-day free trial, experience what WeMapSales App can do for you:

1. Create territories in minutes, taking multiple factors and drivers into account

2. Balance, rebalance and compare territory models as many times as you need, to select the best one for you

3. Respect exiting territory design to minimize disruption to your sales teams

4. Create custom sub-territories within a selected region


WeMapSales Territory Management.mp4


  • Scott Ochander
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    Thank you! I have installed the link to try it out. Do you know approximately how long it takes to update your data into the program? Our data seems to be installed...but the program is very sluggish and keeps showing an error. 

  • Shilpa Damle
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    Scott, data upload is fast and should only take a few minutes. You should have seen an image like the one below. I asked my tech team to check your account. Looks like your data upload was successful. Please try the App and let me know if you would like to have a personal demo or training session. 

    Or you can sign up using these links.

    For Training: 

    For Demo: