Questions about about Pipechat?

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For any questions you have about Pipechat and how it connects with Whatsapp, don't forget to tag @Daniele 


  • Marcelo Silva
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    Amamos o Pipechat!

  • Pepe Girona
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    Hola, a la hora de contratar Pipechat se puede contratar solo para 1 usuario aunque en Pipedrive seamos más? 

    Hay algun tiempo de prueba? @Daniele 

  • Boris Sviderskii
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    Hi, I'd like to purchase Pipechat license for 1 user 1 year, but the only option to pay is Credit Card. We run policy of no credit cards, and want to pay per invoice. Is it possible? @Daniele

  • Tim Grover
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    Sorry if this has been covered alot... how can I integrate Pipechat with Whatsapp?

    I also have Mei, Whatsapp and Pipedrive on my android device.  Is there ANY way I can get text messages recorded in my contacts, leads or deals automatically?  Thanks!  @Daniele