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Keith Greywood
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In the reporting section, I'd love to be able to see the split of deals with different labels. Currently this does not seem to be a field.   

As leads are labelled and added as deals depending on lead source, and I'd like to then analyse the performance of these via the label. It would be much more useful for me rather than just focussing on won deals due to the nature of our long time to close a deal. 



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  • Chris_7796
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    I've got the same need. I've got prospects from multiple verticals which I label accordingly. 

    I would love to build reports depending on label to see which customer segment is growing more, converting faster, increasing in average revenue...etc.




  • Springo Limited
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    No answer from the Pipedrivers? HEY! Where's James in all this - to groovy to answer?
    This is an important function and basic reporting..... Keith and Chris deserve an answer 

  • Ata Uzunhasan
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    Looking for the same answer...

  • Admin_26043
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    Same here


  • steve hodowany
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    Me too. This capability would be very helpful in segmenting opportunities.

  • Joakim
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    Is thera an update on this request, it would still be awesome and i guess one of the purposes with being able to lable deals?