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So, Im sitting at my PC looking at my leads. I now need to book site visits for everyone in my 'Site visit required' stage. The problem is, they are all over town. 

Wouldnt it be great to be able to have something like the 'Nearby' function available on the computer app?!! Also, on the mobile app, to be able to filter by 'stage'....

Just a thought...or suggestion. 


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    Hi Kingsley,

    Pipedrive Marketplace has an extension called Mapsly where you can quickly find your records around another record, or any other point on the map (including your current GPS location). I suggest giving it a try, there are many cool features available there.

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    Arrivy’s Pipedrive integration can automatically trigger tasks or job creation based on your deal stages. So if you would like to trigger your scheduling as soon as your deal hits the ‘ site visit required’ stage, we can go ahead and do that. Also, the Arrivy Route Planning feature allows you to pool together jobs that are in close proximity jobs helping you optimize your day to perfection. 

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