Printing the entire deal instead of just the first page.


Hello - There is no thread I can find in the "Ideas and product feedback" section (a link would have been helpful BTW). When I search printing - I get no results and I honestly don't have time to search through all of the pages - this program is supposed to save us time right? entering "printing" into the search bar only brings me back to this thread.

I have been a sporadic user for nearly 7 years and stopped using it for a bit after a company change and IT does not allow the add on to our network - I came back because I like the system but most importantly, I could print the deals and attach them to the new client file. I work in an industry that has specific client software that we must use but has no CRM or sales functionality. My pre-sale contacts and activities MUST be documented and attached to client files at on-boarding for compliance and so our service team has the information. the prior form worked great aside from the "expand all" functionality finally introduced (thanks for that).

I tried the chrome extension recommended in the communities thread and still only get the first page. Please help - this is a deal breaker for me. I will post this in the requested product feedback as well.

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