Creating/updating contacts to include purchase history (going back 5 years)

Teresa Lombard
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Hi! I'm new to Pipedrive and have been tasked with building out the CRM for the organization. I need to load contacts (or update existing) and associated purchase data for the services they've bought. I need a contact record that lists static info (name, title, email, etc.) and also need that record to include the services they've purchased. We'll need to run reports to identify people who purchased a specific service.  These are all past purchases over 5 years so I don't need anything active in our pipeline (unless it's easiest to create a pipeline for the mass upload). I'm wondering if I should setup each service as a "product". I'm open to any suggestions on how to best set this up to 1) get a contact record that includes all past purchases (services) 2) create reports so we know who has purchased the specific service. Thanks, in advance, for any advice you have!

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