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I am using the funnel conversion report to look at the actual conversion rate between stages. Now that we have more and more business from existing clients  instead of winning from new clients, some of the deal from existing clients will enter the funnel at a later stage in the funnel. If more the projects are entering later, will it impact my conversion report since not all projects start from the beginning of the funnel?  How do you distinguish between  deal that enter later in the stage vs those that start from a cold lead. I need to know because the projects that originate from leads will show my funnel from lead to close and will indicate how many outreach attempts we need to close business from new leads without business from existing customers impacting the data and conversion rates.


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    Hi @Daniel Steyn , thank you for describing your use case so clearly.

    Currently all deals that enter a pipeline are counted in Reports as if they had gone through all pipeline stages, which we realize is not ideal and not always accurate. I've made sure your suggestion reaches our team for consideration.

    In good news, I can tell you that we're building a dedicated type of report that will focus solely on Leads, which will make it easier to differentiate them.

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