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Oscar Soler
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Hello Pipedrive!

My consultation is pretty straight forward. It would be great to have a tool that helps us create costs and budgets with all the information that we have already included in our database. In other words, several tools in one. One that can help us to prepare costs (using templates), another that would generate invoices based on the costings (once the clients agrees and confirms the budget) and a last one like a “Client Records type”, with the final budget, the payments made by the customer, invoices pending, etc.

Our company does customized trips and a lot of time is consumed working on costings and invoices. The idea would be to optimize to the maximum the time. Being faster, more agile and save a lot of working hours.

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    Hello Oscar @Smart Lotto Administrator 

    I also am looking for add-ins to manage proposals and invoices from the deals we have in our pipelines.  Have you had any success.  I am considering  Better Proposal and Quickbooks or xero but have not linked them to pipedrive yet.  For tech support - are there any examples of customers linking pipedrive , proposals and invoicing.  A big bonus would be to create proposal templates in multiple languages.

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    Hi Oscar and Lee,

    I would start by exploring our integrations with both Quickbooks and Xero to see if they suit your needs. Our native tool Smart Docs might also be a good option depending on how the information is set up on your account. Another thing you can try is Pandadocs. 

    If you need further help, please don't hesitate to reach us through support. Our lovely team will be there to guide you further.

    Kind regards,