Automation (workflow) for LinkedIn Lead Generations

Sales Perspect
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Has any crafted automation specifically for lead generation on LinkedIn? For example after an invite to prospect accepted then create auto follow up - if no response send follow up 2 in 5 days, if no response then final follow up 5 days later etc.

I have created a process but not sure exactly how to set it up in PipeDrive. 


  • Alex Stueber_2537
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    Hey, have you tried via Zapier? You can create an activity/deal everytime you get a lead form response and then organise your email comms with your email automation tool as Pipedrive doesn't have emails as automation trigger yet. 

  • Shawn Bouchard
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    Yes, I have for one of my clients. We used Zapier and Mailchimp to automate messaging. It works quite well.