Filtering organisations or contacts not being actively worked

Ash Dhillon
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Each organisation or contact is assigned to an owner but a majority of these are not being actively worked. I have set a manual field where we can choose whether the organisation/person is either active or inactive but it will be good to automate this without having to manually select it. Look forward to your suggestions.




  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Ash Dhillon !

    Currently all items must have an owner in Pipedrive, so I can think of 2 ways you can achieve your end goal:

    • Add a extra user to your company account, assign contacts that aren't active to that user and then assign them to a "real" user when the time comes. Or,
    • Filter the contacts based on their update time, as shown below, and create an automation based on matching/not matching that filter (see example below).




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