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Hey there awesome folks,

Anyone using Pipedrive for their recruitment firms? I would be keen to understand the various use cases and how it's implemented

Earlier, i was using Hubspot (still am though), and there were a few challenges that came up and a lot of custom modules had to be setup. It was not fully effective though

Any recruitment firms, executive search firms who use Pipedrive in this community?


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    Hi @Sandy , welcome to our Community, we're happy to see you engaged! 🙂

    We've created specialized channels by industry to help our members connect more easily with other members who work in the same area, so I suggest you join the channels below and post your question there:


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    Depends if you are looking for ATS like functionality or CRM for sales management with end client ? 

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    Hi @Sandy , I'm interested we do have a need of ATS like fields after we made the sales management with the talent / alumni as we have an Academy and a internal HR division. Was thinking in expand fields thru JIRA but not sure as many features are the same in these platforms.

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    Hi @Sandy — I have an executive recruitment client that uses Pipedrive to track its sales activity and another platform to track candidates. They tried using the recruitment platform for sales, but its functionality was insufficient. 

    We have created separate pipelines for target industries, and we have explored using Chatbot to track on-site interest in services. Ping me if you have specific info you're looking for.


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    Hi there,

    Its been 9  months since these comments have been posted, has anyone got any further with Pipedrive and recruitment functionalities ? Could it be configured to be effective as a client/candidate database, or are there other things out there that are clearly more suited ?


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    i have found it inadequate for Executive search - impossible to rank the candidates (deals!).

    Still going through the pain, time and money in getting automations set up with third party tools...

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    Thanks but no page found for the Executive search group you link?

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    Hi @WIldwoodMC , the links that were shared before are no longer valid I’m afraid, as those groups were discontinued when the community was updated last year. Though they may still be mentioned in posts that were started before the update.

    @Adam Sztuka I understand you use Pipedrive for recruiting, do you have any tips you can share? Thank you in advance!