Leadbooster: How qualified leads are handled?

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Leadbooster is very promising tool to help qualifying prospect without human interaction. Pipedrive marketing video emphasis the fact that speed to reply to a prospect is key for sale success.  It seems there is a gap in Leadbooster to automate the process for qualified prospects. 

How Pipedrive insure prospects are getting immediate attention (within 5 minutes) after completing their interaction in Leadbooter? 


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    Hi @Martin Leblanc !

    The time period we mention in the video refers to the interval between your potential new client showing their interest (sending their first message in the Leadboster chat) and getting their first response to that message, as opposed to, for example, sending an email and typically waiting a few hours to get a reply.

    What happens after the lead gets qualified is up to our users and everyone has a different workflow (as well as some hours during the day when they're not working, I hope 😉).

    Depending on the expectation that your qualified lead gets from the last message they received before they finished their interaction with Leadbooster, a good strategy to make sure something happens immediately after can be to set up an automation that sends them an email when a new qualified lead from Leadbooster falls in your pipeline.

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    Hi @Inês Batata 

    Would it be bordering you to elaborate in more details on your automation strategies @Inês Batata. It appears there something I cannot see. 

    From what I see Pipedrive automation would certainly be a good option here if you consider creating deals in Leadbooster rather than Leads. Therefore, it does seem possible for build a automation that is triggered specifically on new Deals from Leadbooster

    Also, it does not seem that it is not possible to build automation on Leads. So creating Leads through Leadbooster is not a good option for further automation and ensure immediate action. 

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